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Details Animals-Animals

Aminals Animals Suitable for children of ages birth to 6 years, this title lets them roar, prooot, and screek along with 12 friendly, silly animals. It also lets them read these animal names as they search for hidden pictures along the way. Full ...

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Details Why-Animals-Matter-Animal-consciousness-animal-welfare-and-human-well-being

Why Animals Matter In a world increasingly concerned with the human species and its future, Marian Stamp Dawkins argues that we need to rethink some of the fundamental questions regarding animal welfare. How are we justified in projecting human ...

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Details Thinking-Animals-Why-Animal-Studies-Now

Thinking Animals Kari Weil provides a critical introduction to the field of animal studies as well as an appreciation of its thrilling acts of destabilization. Examining real and imagined confrontations between human and nonhuman animals, she charts ...

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Details Animal-Babies-in-Towns-and-Cities-Animal-Babies-Kingfisher

Animal Babies on Mountains This look at creatures from around the world will take a child's exploration of animal families to new heights! "Animal Babies on Mountains" looks at six young animals that live in the world's tallest places. Families of ...

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Details Animal-Abuse-Helping-Animals-and-People

Animal Abuse Animal abuse is an increasingly recognised issue throughout the world and makes headlines every year. The plight of animals is well documented, but the hidden cost to those who help is not fully understood. This book covers definitions ...

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Details Animals-in-Danger-in-Australia-Heinemann-First-Library-Animals-in-Danger

Animals in Danger in Australia This book introduces readers to a range of endangered animals found in Australia. Readers learn basic facts about each animal, and also why the animals habitat is threatened. The book also considers what people can do to ...